Ham Sandwich!

From Halyse D.: “Hi, Cute Overload! Do you remember the pictures I submitted of our baby Chinese Hamsters a while back?”

image (1)
“Well, I’m so excited to announce that, even though I said we wouldn’t have them again—–we did!”

“Announcing Gracidea and Hermes’ sweet babies! Here they are, three weeks old, born June 13! The photos are taken by me.”

image (2)



  1. 6rabbits says:

    Squeeeeeee! Must snorgle bebeh hammies! O, the cutness! 🙂

  2. *THUD*

  3. Ham Handwich?

  4. So peaceful and sweet. And what a nice hoomin. I think the Men of CO calendar must have morphed into a book by now!!

  5. Peanutcat says:


  6. cutest pic ever!!!!

  7. Fun-sized morsels of cuteness.

  8. Yayyy!!!! Thank you!!!! We were delighted to see these on here!!!

  9. doomchild says:

    After assuming this was an intended litter, each one got a good home and the momma is not being forced to have babies every few weeks… you know, because I am anal-retentive about stuff like that… then I have a question for you, CO-people. Where exactly do you begin nomming these morsels? Tailio, earsies, nosicle, teensy paws… ? I can’t decide!

  10. doomchild, it was actually very UNintended. Domesticated Chinese Hamsters generally do not breed. We care for our hamsters like people care for their dogs and cats. They mean the world to us and they are fed a varied diet with lots of fresh food and they get tons of exercise and attention. When our final hamster, Kimahri, died a few months ago (he was a very old, little man), I got Gracidea, and later Hermes by happenstance, for my boyfriend for his birthday. If we adopt the babies out, we vet any adopters like mad (they’re not allowed to just come and pick up a hamster … doesn’t work that way for us because a lot of love goes to these sweet little lives). We also have a policy to NOT adopt them out to children or to anyone who plans to give one to a child.

    Sweet Gracidea is a good mama! She can never replace my beloved Perdita (the mother of the hamsters in the original Snoozy Snacks post), but she is such a gentle little soul. Hermes, on the other hand … well, you can likely guess how he got his name, the little bug.

  11. Bucky's Mom says:

    Awwww….Little tater tots with peenk nosies and feeties!