Luis Suarez, Is This Your Tortoise?

This tortoise musta picked up some illegal soccer tactics watching the World Cup soccer.

That’s a Red Card for you, mister!

From T.O.



  1. That little dude can really move.

  2. I was kind of feeling bad for the little guy, until the end. You _go_ little dude.

  3. Still better behavior than what I’ve seen in the World Cup matches.

  4. Doggeh is all “this is MY ball!” and turtle is “you don’t have to shout!” and the doggeh is “why is this moving rock playing with my ball?” and the turtle is all (racing to dog) “cronch!” and the dog is all “yip, yip, yip!”

  5. Doggie only thinks he owns the ball. Tortoise corrects him.

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Hilarious video! I had no idea a turtle could move that fast. He’s got some moves! I love how the dog sounds so aggrieved. You’d think it was a Great Dane stealing his ball!

  7. That turtle is quite possibly one of the most darling things I’ve ever seen. Who Knew? I want him (or her).

  8. Jenny Islander says:

    I don’t . . . is that tortoise actually playing?!

    Whatever he’s doing, that’s his ball. (Or her.)

  9. doomchild says:

    This video was adorable until 1:05 or so.Then I totally lost it… and I’m in the office 😀 Hilarious!

  10. Amazing.

  11. Mplsdeb says:

    Wow that tortoise can really move! Who would’ve thought! I couldn’t believe when he went after the dog to bite him.

  12. DillPig says:

    That’s a first for me – I had no idea wee tortoises played with balls. His people should start a tortoise little league so he can play with others his size instead of meanie doggehs. You rock li’l dude!! 🙂

  13. First time I’ve seen a tortoise playing. CO should be recognised as a learning institute!

  14. 6rabbits says:

    I had no idea tortoises _played_! 😳 S/he moves so fast! This video is amazing on several levels! Luv eet!😃