Do The Red Panda Hop

Ok, so the animated Red Panda is a little bit outta the school o’ Japan-Bizarro World animation- but otherwise, who can resist RED PANDAS THAT ARE HOPPING UP AND DOWN?

Answer: no one.



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    I want to know how much money this guy got for singing this song…that is very catchy and cute at the same time. Also how long did it take to make this video with all the animation and cutting and editing. I am not computer graphic smart here so that is what is also eye catching.

    I really need to drink coffee first before watching something like this in my zombie likes state in the morning.

  2. Earworm! I’m going to be singing “hop hop hop!” all day and my co-workers are going to think I’m nuts.

  3. freetomato says:

    Goodness…..more here: