We Like Big Buns And We Cannot Lie

We’ve seen some Big Buns here on C.O. and this one might just be the biggest!

Says Tina S., “This is my baby, she is a Flemish Giant. She is aptly named “Bunny,” but is called many adorable pet names.”

“She was a stray that a friend of mine found, and I took in, and now she is spoiled rotten.”

“I took all of these photos, and I hope I see her on the website! I often go on there to cheer myself up on bad days.” -Tina S.




  1. I know Flemish Giants are… giant! But for our viewing pleasure I think we’re gonna need a follow-up post with a pic of Bunny with something/-one that shows scale. 😀 Flemish Giants are kewl. For one thing they have their own built-in sleeping mask!

  2. Starfish says:

    I like big buns and I cannot lie.

  3. Starfish says:

    Nuts, I didn’t realize that the title had beaten me to it. Thought I was being clever.

  4. Clairdelune says:

    OMG! That’s one big bunny! This bunny could never be a candidate for Easter Bunny, I doubt that she could go hoppity-hoppity in the meadows…… 😀

  5. sabrina rose says:

    I love the big round belly and the ginormous ‘Tocks! I betcha thislovely lady weighs as much as my terrier, if not more (18 pounds). Does Bunny like to keep Tina company around the house? I agree with Gryt that we need more pics and info!

  6. He wraps his chin with his earsies!

  7. Rachael says:

    Yay for bun buns!!! She is one gorgeous hunk of bunneh. I’m so happy to know she’s spoiled rotten – as she should be. 🙂

  8. Bucky's Mom says:

    Woah Nellie….!!!! That’s an enormous bun bun and bootiful to boot!!

  9. 6rabbits says:

    What a lovely bun! That has to be the biggest dewlap (pic 3) I have ever seen! I’ve heard this breed is fairly laid-back. I also would like more pics and info–esp. the “stray” part! 🙂

  10. whatthelump says:

    @6rabbits – Oh, is that what it’s called? Cool! I was like, “OMG! Is that the ears or amazing chest floofage or a built-in scarf or what?” I’d love to hug that Bunny…

  11. Saffron says:

    What a wonderful resqte ❤
    I would like to snorgle that floofy bunnular belleh!!

  12. It really burns me when cruel hoomins abandon their pets. Glad your friend found her and brought her to you. This Bunny deserves all the spoiling she can get. i do the same to my bun & gerbil. Love the big dew lap, fuzzy feet, big ears, tail, etc…..snorgle, snorgle!

  13. Killer Klown says:

    That is a dewlap, yes; and a most impressive one. It’s usually far more pronounced in females than males when it comes to rabbits.

  14. Tina S. says:

    Thanks Everyone! That’s my baby girl and I’m glad everyone thinks she is as beautiful as I do!
    She is about 20 lbs, but I will try to get some pictures of her next to some things that will give you some better perspective.

    She is a huge suck! If I am home she is free range, when I’m not she has a 4 x 3 dog crate that she lives in. A friend of mine found her outside the factory she worked at about 4 years ago now. It was Winter and getting very cold, and she was obviously domesticated, so my friend took her in briefly but couldn’t keep her so she moved in with me!

    Her fav hobbies are eating, pooping, and watching TV with me. It’s good to be loved! 🙂

  15. prinsas says:

    make that one bun, extra large, extra earage 🙂

  16. Bunny got back.

  17. Exactly WHERE is this place where one can find a stray Flemish Giant bunny???

  18. She must feel very secure to expose her underside like that…High five!