Jonesy Meets The Cows

Jonesy the Boxer liked to give the local cows the business when he rode by in his hoomin’s car. So one day they decided Jonesy should meet The Cows face to face. Er, muzzle to, um, whatever.
[*Note: NSFW word at the :46 and 2:05 marks. -Ed.]

Brought to you by Smedley.



  1. Daniel T says:

    Also a NSFW word at 0:46.

  2. whoa missed that one! thx! updated!

  3. Melissa says:

    Gonn get on my soapbox… NUETER that boy! MILLIONS of dogs are killed in shelters every year! NUEEEETER!!

  4. Cute dog, cute cows, stultifyingly inane narration. Expand your vocabulary, please.

  5. Inanity indeed. The dog is learning to do this now – with young little bulls, softies! Is he going to know the difference when he encounters fullgrown, aggressive bulls? That could gore him?? Hey, why not send the dog in there in a red coat while you’re at it? Might not be so “frickin’ hilarious” then… Stupid.
    /rant 🙂

  6. I adore cows but they’re not necessarily the docile creatures so many think they are. I’ll go on and be the one to say it…..Not good what these idiots are doing with their dog. /also rant

  7. Jenny Islander says:

    Yeah, unless the owners of the dog arranged the encounter with the owner of the herd, I’m gonna have to be a nuffer here. A dog that gets the idea “Make cattle react = fun” can legally be shot on sight in many states (not sure about other countries). Short of that, what if he got loud and scary enough to make the cattle stampede?

    That said, it was interesting to see the change from “Holy cats holy cats holy cats WHAT IS THIS WHERE AM I WHAT ARE THEY” to “Huh, I can interact with them, I will start by assuming the Non-Confrontation Face” at about 1;00, followed by a possible attempt at inviting them to play Chase Me, followed by “Well, that didn’t work, time to perform a displacement activity–HELLO,” followed by telling them off one last time and being Done With This Kthx.

  8. doomchild says:

    I had audio turned off, and I found the video rather sweet. The young bulls were clearly used to dogs since they were only interested, not threatening or scared either. And if bulls are in such a good condition, even tho they are together in the pasture, they have to have a mild temperament… Note that they are polled, i.e. not horned, which takes away the biggest weapon they have. The dog also seemed to have his wits about him as well, and was close enough to the fence to run for cover should the bulls get aggressive.

    So all in all I think this was a good experience for both sides. However, this is NOT recommended unless you KNOW the dog AND the cows/bulls/heifers/calves/steers.

  9. Just wanted to say I love the James Marshall reference. That’s a deep dig!

  10. allyson says:

    Wow. Seriously, is the guy saying “git em?” Holy cow that is stupid. I don’t care how cute interspecies interaction is, do not go on someone else’s property and mess with their livestock. Those aren’t pets. They are effectively a cash crop and Jenny is right, he chases them, he could get shot. You let him in with cows and calves, he could get trampled if a cow thinks he is threatening her calf.

  11. Echoing ScoutC, gryt and allyson. My God, the cows and the dog seem the smartest of the bunch. Even good natured cows are heavy enough to be dangerous if they accidently step where they didn’t mean to.