Time For A Dust Bath, Guys!

Last week, First-Time Cuteporter Michelle wrote us to say she had eight mustangs…in her FRONT YARD. This is her promised video follow-up, and it looks like they stopped by her place to take a dust bath!



  1. So, everyone has wild horses in their yards but me?

  2. so where does this person live? I want to buy the property next door.

  3. All we get are bunnies (cute), squirrels (cute), chipmunks (cute), raccoons (cute but nasty), and opossums (nasty). I want horses (cute) to visit my yard!

  4. At least she won’t have to mow the lawn this week.

  5. Michelle says:

    We live in Northern NV. Read the Wikipedia article on wild Mustangs for more info. It was a real treat,

  6. Saffron says:

    All I have in my front yard are deandelions. 😦

    OMG those OMGPONIES!1!!11!!! are soooo beautiful.
    Thanks for sending in the video, Michelle!

  7. Rachael says:

    Hey Michelle, you wouldn’t mind if a bunch of us (and by a “bunch” I mean all of us) showed up at your house to witness this first hand, wouldya? 🙂

  8. Our pony used to LURVE to roll in the gravel driveway. That’s good scratchin’!

  9. Meekster says:

    I’m with In, how beautiful the area and the horses. I would LOVE to live in such beauty! Where is this wonderful place??

  10. mplsdeb says:

    Holy moly rocky…to have mustangs just stop by for a little relax. Little dust bath, some grass..then mosey on their way…(sigh) trying not be jealous. Thanks for sharing! what a treat.