It’s A Scootie Toesday! (With Bonus Ernie)

unnamed (1)Scootie The Kitteh’s BEANS are prominently featured ’cause, well, today is TOESDAY and all. But Cuteporter from Down Undah AKA Dr. Nome also sent us this photo of her puppeh Ernie the Caramel Goldendoodle, and as you can see, he’s gotta go up on this post with his pal Scoots.

G’day to all of ya!

unnamed (2)


  1. “I’m a lumberjack and i’m okay.
    I sleep all night and eat Kibble all day!”

  2. Coolest sweater ever!

  3. Dr_Nome says:

    Scootie has the tickliest feet in the world also! It gives me great delight to tickle them.

  4. Dr_Nome says:

    Oh, OH and Scootie has the same sweater in red. Such a mean ma.

  5. Pinky42 says:

    Neapawlitan? ha-haaaaa

  6. kiragirl says:

    If that pup’s name is not Kazoo, it should be!

  7. AWW :D I would just LOVE to cuddle dear sweet Scootie :D

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