Canada Day Frenchie Bobbleheads: Get ‘Em While Ya Can!

500px-NEW-2Earlier today, CO debuted our new line of Yorkie Bobbleheads! Well, in honor of CANADA DAY, we’ve decided to unveil our new TAKE OFF EH FRENCHIE BOBBLES! (Also with the patented/exclusive ActionTongue™ Feature!)

Get ‘em now- supplies are LIMITED!

“We are currently experiencing a heat wave in the nation’s capital. Monty would like to remind everyone to stay cool! Xo Megan & Monty.”


  1. Megan Beahen says:

    OMG so good!!!!!!

  2. Saffron says:

    I would like to nom on Monty’s ears, please. :)

  3. gonna get a two-four from the beer store paid with all in toonies to celebrate, then stop off at timmie’s for some timbits. take off eh yorkie invited so long as he calls no one a hosehead. happy canada day!

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