[I ASKED Them To Bring Me Home A CHEW TOY]

[…like a nice big bone. But…THIS…is not QUITE what I had in mind. I mean, it MOVES!] Imgur.


You Can DO It, Guys!

There’s NO mountain this little fellows can’t climb!

Laughing Squid.

National Mutt Day 2014

We cannot forget (and thanks to The Furrtographer, we didn’t) to acknowledge National Mutt Day! Not everyone can (or should) be a show dog- and this post is for you, Scruffmuffins!


Flippers of Fury!

“So! You seek to challenge kung-fu master Peng-Wan, do you? You are no match for my relentless flapping skills!


Via David Goehring.

ResQte Of The Week 2: Philly’s Handsome Jack

“This is my rescue pup Jack. He was found as a stray wandering the streets of North Philadelphia. He was picked up by animal control and was going to be euthanized for space. Luckily he was pulled by one of the employees and put into foster care. After a week in foster care, I saw him online, met him and adopted him. It has been almost 6 years since I brought him home where he lives with me and 7 cat siblings! He is know around here as ‘Handsome Jack.'” -Claire T.

jack pier

Udderly Prosh: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ MILKMAN!

Why go to the store or have someone deliver it to you..when you can go straight to the source? “This cheeky kitty drinking straight from the cow was seen on Daily Mail. Keep the QTE™ coming! Sharon B-C (Western Australia.)”

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The Mighty Mimi

Meet Mimi, a new Hamadryas Baboon residing at the Oakland Zoo!



Photos by Dannielle Stith, as seen on ZooBorns.

#TBT: July 30, 2007: Happy (Late) Birthday Meg!


Happy Birthday to You, 
Happy Birthday to You,
Happy Birthday Dear Meg Moo,
Happy Birthday to You!


Chief Sister Officer

“Hey Honey? Have You Seen The Hole Puncher?”

“I need it for my report!”

Why buy a hole puncher at Staples when you can call Timo The Ragdoll?

Thanx To Scooter, We Revisit Rule #96

Last week, we rolled out a new Rule, and it’s proven to be quite pup-ular. To refresh your memory: “If your (or someone else’s) ears or tail cover your face for the purposes of sleeping, that’s cute.”

Damn straight.

“This is my friend’s puppy, Scooter. I think if you were to look up Rule of Cuteness #96, you’d see this pic of Scooter beside it!! There must be another cute rule about “Vogue-ing” for the camera in this second pic.” [Sorry, no Madonna here. -Ed.] -Forever a fan of CO., Ellen F.”