Bun Island UPDATE!

Remember how we said there was gonna be a video series of BUN ISLAND? We weren’t kidding, folks. Here we go with installments two thru four, from Scott Y.


  1. Alice Shortcake says:

    The buns are lovely, but if ever I visit that island I’ll be sure to wear my poo-proof shoes…

  2. 6rabbits says:

    I want the little black bunny in the second video! 🐰
    Tho that little girl is a tad too dramatic about the scratches,
    I laughed out loud when that bold bunny stole the carrot!
    Esp. when she kept yelling, “Drop the carrot!” 😂
    (Did you hear her say “geez lou-eez”? Never heard anyone
    else use that!)

  3. Definitely adorable. Definitely need poo-proof shoes. I wonder if there is any effort to curb the bunny population, though? It already seems like there is cuteness overload- they’ll all need food and such!

  4. Killer Klown says:

    Healthy Bunny poo is actually very dry. It doesn’t really stick to anything – your biggest issue would be it getting crushed up into dust.

  5. Wow!! irritating girl in second vid… cute bunneh’s tho…

  6. It’s really like that. I’ve visited last year.
    If you happen to come to Japan and want to visit the island you can find all the necessary information here:

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