Simon SAYS “I Want That Fish!!”

“This is my cat Simon playing his fishing game on my iPad™!” -Anastasia M.

iPad™ is a trademark of Apple, Inc™.



  1. “You won!”
    “Did I get a fish? Do you see a fish here? I won _nothing_.”

  2. Here’s where to find the game:

  3. Thanks Rhea, I’m going to download it now.

  4. I love how Anastasia clings to the notion that it’s HER iPad. 😆

  5. FitzThomas’s Laws of Felinity:

    1. Any horizontal surface is a cat bed.
    2. Any edible item is cat food.
    3. Everything else is a cat toy.

  6. 😆 That game would not last long here 😆 Our cat, Dooley (my brother, his male friend and me), would break the iPad trying to get at that fish 😆