It’s Halfway To Christmas!

And in honor of this occasion, we present…how to wrap a Guinea Peeg. Bookmark and save for December!



  1. Smartypants says:

    Guinea Pig says “This isn’t what I pictured when you said we were making a rap video”!

  2. Mikeyfur says:

    Smartypants for the win!!

  3. Smartypants says:

    Thank you 😀

  4. Little cutie! Please don’t shake the package in an attempt to figure out what’s inside!

  5. Haaha, on second viewing I saw that the holes were for the feet. When she first started wrapping I thought they were airholes!

  6. edmundh says:

    The human was very considerate to leave leg holes. This present can self-deliver!

  7. Now I know what guinea pigs look like when indignant.

  8. Guinea pigs are ridiculously cute when indignant! Also, that present is gonna be full of extra little surprises in the hind end region…