Caturday: Tifa, We Need To Talk

It seems Tifa loves to fetch, wags her tail, and pants like a puppeh. Tifa, that’s what DOGS are for.

“I just came across this video. It’s not mine, but it’s super cute. My dog doesn’t even fetch!” -Catalina.



  1. Shelly Felton says:

    This cat is very cute, but I must bring up an important issue. My cat also panted while playing when he was a kitten. As it turns out he has a heart defect and he panted because his heart couldn’t supply enough oxygen to his body. When we found out about this he was still young and we were careful not to let him overexert himself. But he still developed cardiomyopathy and at four years old he has to be on heart meds. I hope the owners read this and make sure the vet checks his heart – I hope it’s not a defect like our cat!!

  2. “We’re concerned about your … lifestyle choices. We just want you to be happy.”

  3. A cat that pants like this could have a heart problem. I had a cat who died from HCM at only three years old, and he did this as well. But I just didn’t know that panting isn’t normal. On the other hand, my new cat does this as well when it is hot or when he played for some time, and his heart seems to be just fine, according to the vet who did the cardiac ultrasound.

  4. Some cats do fetch, but the panting concerns me. That should be checked by a vet if it hasn’t been already.

  5. jlamusings says:

    He is adorable & the fetching is cute. But I agree with rhea3 & Puppi- panting can be a heart issue. I also have a knucklehead who used to get overexcited & pant as a kitten, but I had a vet check him just in case (I lost 1 young to heart problems too, Puppi! *hugs*). Hoping this sweetie pie is just a knucklehead like mine!

  6. Agree with everyone. Our cat panted and it turned out to be a heart murmur caused by a weak valve or some such. Get Tifa to a Vet Cardiologist for a KCECG (Kitty Cat Electra-Cardiogram) STAT!

  7. Guys, if you look at the description of the video on youtube, the owner says that they got her checked by the vet and nothing was wrong, and also that now that she’s older she doesn’t pant anymore. It’s great that you guys are concerned though!

  8. Silly humans, this is obviously a dog in that has been placed in the witness protection program.
    My boy Simba – who wears a Maine Coon suit – also can’t give up the dog behavior. He plays fetch, comes when called, and rolls over on his back for tummy rubs. Before she passed, his sister used to swat him for it. Now he doesn’t even try to pretend he’s a cat.

  9. What a goofy, dear face.

    In terms of a half-full cup, at least we’ve got a lot of concerned cat lovers who want to be sure this sweetie’s in good health. Apparentl the woman’s been told this so many times she’s posted the clean bill of health.

  10. My dog doesn’t do any of those things but wouldn’t our vet have mentioned if she was, in fact, a cat? I’m so confuzzled. 🙂

  11. Rhonda B. says:

    What a cutie pie- I wish my cat would play fetch with me! The only time my cat pants is when she is on her way to the vet. I think it is a result of her being anxious.

  12. 4leafclover says:

    Tifa is so cute!! I have a question, though–was she raised by wolves? 😉

  13. One of my previous cats, Princess Ariadne de Puddyfoot, would fetch. We found it out one Christmas when we crumpled up wrapping paper and had a brief ‘snowball’ fight. The problem was that Ding-a-ling was A Cat of Very Little Brain.

    (She was an indoor-outdoor stray that we took in, and we had to ‘bell the cat’ to keep her from getting into fights with the wild parrots in the neighborhood – which she always lost. Once it resulted in a shaved behind and a cone of shame when the parrot-wound got infected, and we didn’t want that to happen again. The neighbors called her Tinkerbell as a result, but we knew her better.)

    The way the house was laid out, we could toss the paper ball from the living room, through the dining room, and straight into the kitchen. Ding-a-ling would take off running after it, full speed, and moments later we would hear her trying to get traction on the kitchen linoleum, followed by her sliding into the cabinets at the far end. Scrabble, scrabble, scrabble, thump – every time. Then she would come prancing back, paper ball in her mouth, looking so proud of her achievement, and drop the ball in front of whoever was throwing it for her, clearly saying “Do it again! Do it again!”

    She never did learn how to avoid sliding into the cabinets, but she sure loved to chase that paper ball. So it can’t have been too painful.

  14. My cat fetches! I’ll be at my desk and I’ll hear the softest little thump; she has dropped a metal foil ball (her poison!) next to my chair and she wants me to throw it. It’s super convenient – and cute, natch.

    I’m not sure the panting is an issue necessarily. My (other) cat did it when I first got him, at 1 1/2 ys old, and I played with him vigorously – he’s a veeeery active cat who needs to be played with a LOT – and it scared me a bit! But he doesn’t do it much, or at all, anymore. I think it can be part of hunting style play, when they get really worked up/into it.

  15. Maybe Tifa was a dog in a previous life.

  16. Catalina says:

    No need to worry about the panting issue. There was a follow up video addressing that issue. Tifa was checked out and she was totally healthy. She also doesn’t pant anymore after she got older.

    Catalina, the one who found the video

  17. Mary (the first) says:

    Many previous cats liked to “fetch”, and my current cat decided a few weeks ago that it was time for him to teach me how to play. He suddenly appeared next to me (I was in bed reading) with his toy in his mouth and tossed it at me. I tossed across the room, he went after it, batted a couple times and then brought it back (onto the bed within reach). Repeat, 3 or 4 times. This was first time out of the box and his idea! Now it’s a nightly ritual with sometimes fetch, sometimes just one toss followed by a lot of batting around and shove under the door, go to the other side, shove it back, etc. Fetching, not unusual. This kitten’s panting was “different” and I’m glad to see it was a false alarm, health-wise. Cutie pie kitten!!

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  19. AWW 😀 I am so glad to hear that this dear sweet kitty is okay 😀 My deepest condolences to those who lost their dear sweet kitties to heart problems 😦