UPDATED! Sprock’s Friday Haiku

You may have seen me
In a Yellow Submarine.
Look! I’m Peter Max.

Sprock wins with the Beatles reference AND Peter Max. Two 1960s icons in one haiku? #Win. But Oakley was close. Image from @AmazingAnimals.



  1. 🙂 Blessings Friend and Have a Great Week End ~ 🙂

  2. Color aplenty
    Rainbow floating fishy-friend
    Does nemo know you?

  3. Cutekotori says:

    Yellow Orange Blue!
    Pouty lips, tiny arm flaps
    Searches for you

  4. I know I look good
    Don’t hate me because I’m prosh
    I was born this way

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Wow I won first place
    In the bathing suit contest
    Color me surprised

  6. Little Blue Fishy
    Swimmin’ sweetly in the sea.
    It’s hard to miss him!

  7. Pixar, check me out–
    Miles of proshitude and style.
    Nemo, Schmemo, yo.

  8. I see before me
    a color cacophony
    brightening my day.

  9. Handsome fish with steady gaze

    Drifts along

    In decorator colors.

  10. You may have seen me
    In a yellow submarine.
    Look! I’m Peter Max.

  11. Friday fashion show
    Tell me honestly now
    Is pattern too much?

  12. Late to the party
    But you’ll let me in, I’m right
    ‘Cause I’m fabulous

  13. InchBranch says:

    Brightly colored fish
    Spray painted in the night by
    Graffiti artist

  14. Met Marmalade
    Down in Old New Orleans
    Struttin’ her stuff on the street

  15. Congrats Sprock! I had to Google Peter Max (and I’m not even that young!) but once I learned who he was, I can see why you won! Great job.

  16. fluffie says:

    I’ve had a hard week; two family deaths, although not completely unexpected, nonetheless…I’m not a devout anything, but this fish reminds me of God’s creation that is so beautiful, and I find it comforting. Bless us all.