Just WAIT For The Baroo At The End

HEY MON! Iss’ a JAMAICAN t’ing. Jus’ ease back and let the riddim of the islands FLOW through you. Noooooooooo worries.

OWLS ARE THE BEST. That is all. From T.O.



  1. Blue Footed Booby says:


  2. Ok I’m playing it for the third time in a row! What is it about the awesome head moves of owls!!!!????

  3. Rachael says:

    Fantastic baroooooooooo!!!!! 🙂

  4. Raymond says:

    It’s a Morepork! Why can’t I think of a Discworld joke for the occasion? Somebody help.

  5. Swayin’, mon.

  6. kitkatCC says:

    Have you seen the owl and Swiffer video? http://www.torontosun.com/2014/06/20/watch-owl-swoops-in-man-swiffers-him-out
    (language warning — sound really isn’t necessary, so you can shut off your speakers.) Swiffer part is the second video.

  7. Oh how exciting! I have these in my backyard at night sometimes. Never seen one quite this cute of course, ‘cos their usually still tucked up in their nests with their parents at this age.