ResQte Of The Week 5: The FOUR Musketeers

SCHEDULE UPDATED 7/2/14: SEE COMMENTS: Willya take a peek at these four little critters! They were rescued by Bay Area rescue group Companions in Waiting! Carina M. tells us, “They’re three months old, spayed/neutered and vaccinated. If people are interested they can write here, and we encourage them to come to an adoption fairour next fairs are July 5th/6th in Half Moon Bay, and the weekend after that in Menlo Park. Anyway, we proudly present Zeus, Tippy, Poppet, and Nova (above) and we think they’re cute enough for Cute Overload!”

You got THAT right.






  1. Puppy disapproval? *dead of cute*

  2. Is the first puppeh sitting in the camera bag? 😀

    I love how they’re all so very, very serious. Babies, dawww.

  3. @gryt…I know those serious expressions on those baby faces kinda crack me up! I bet they will all be going home soon!

  4. I want!

  5. Oh what darlings!

  6. @gryt: Yes, she’s sitting in my camera bag! (It’s the perfect bag for a Nikon D90, btw). I should clarify the puppies are one month old in these pictures, but they are now old enough for adoption (3 months). We’d love to meet some Cute Overload readers at our adoption fairs!

  7. ps: You can see more recent pics of the available puppies at

  8. Hi CO readers! Just wanted to let you know the puppies will NOT make it to the fairs on 7/5 and 7/6. We rely on an foster network and this weekend our puppy foster won’t be able to join us there, but they should be at the Menlo Park fairs the following weekend. Feel free to email if you desperately need to meet them sooner.