Maymo Has A Ball On His Birthday

A lot of them, actually.

Happy B-Day, buddy!


  1. All I saw was the word “100 balls” and I started laughing and everyone in the library is looking at me funny.

  2. Tracy G says:


  3. At around the fourth ball he just looks around like, “What the???”

  4. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:


  5. Rachael says:

    Birfday zoomies!! :)

    He looks so tuckered out at the end, which is the mark of a truly happy birthday.

  6. Happity birfdeeeee! :)

  7. Jenny Islander says:

    He sees the bin o’ balls headed for a tipover and nope nopes it out of there! >D

  8. It would be fair to say I’m in love with Maymo and Penny.

  9. I’ve been planning to do this for my kitty at Christmas, but with pompoms!

  10. mplsdeb says:

    That was great!! I love it when all the balls just go boing…the look on his face!
    I needed to giggle tonite.

  11. *Cough* Some one is having a ball !

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