Epic Mealtime On Bunny Island!

Updated with photos! C.O. has featured “Disapproval Island”Rabbit Island” (Okunoshima, Japan) on several occasions. Now, there’s gonna be a VIDEO SERIES. WHAT. Sender-Inner Scott Y. shot this video and the following photos.

Scott says “The bunnies that live on this island are super friendly…”

“…yet fearless when it comes feeding on the food provided by the visitors.”

“They love to chill in the shade when the sun is out. In one of the photos, a row of bunnies chill on the street, in the shade provided by the curb.”

“The baby bunnies also roam wild on this island and have no reservations in getting picked up, with the hope of getting a yummy treat I guess!”




  1. Is this place anywhere near to Japan’s cat island?

  2. hammese says:

    Night of the Lepus…

  3. 6rabbits says:

    I just HAVE to go here, someday, somehow! This much floof-age and adorable-ness is almost too much to bear! When he laid down and he had bunnehs All Over Him…SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! All the leetle strayched out legs and floofy tummehs….AAAAhHHH! May need that difbra-thingy… 🙂 I need more deets on the video series, pleeeeze!

  4. Malinki says:

    That many, you have to ask yourself…
    Boop or poop?

  5. Found myself wondering about plague– unusual for a visit to CO!

  6. tweetie says:

    Cute until daddy Godzilla bunny comes out , epic Japanese horror movie in the making….(sorry, I was just picturing it)… 😉

  7. sabrina rose says:

    this is adorable in a slightly scary way. Are there caretakers who do feeding and cleanup and take bunnies to a vet team for neutering and health issues?

  8. If this were night of the lepus, the guy would lie down, the bunnies swarm, and then only a skeleton remains.

  9. Same here, Sabrina, its cute but you can see all the poo around. I wonder if the get to a point where the population is so big they’ll have to hand out bun birth control?

  10. I was a leetle frightened he was gonna lie on a bunneh and squoosh it.

  11. phoenix says:

    I’m always torn when I see this island on the internet. On the one hand- swoon! So much bunneh! On the other…I can’t help thinking that there can’t be enough room and food for the population growth that bunnies naturally cause. It’s seems unchecked, unnatural, and that always tugs at the back of my mind. I hate thinking of them hurt, or sick, or hungry.

    Speaking of which, my bunny is demanding breakfast. And has no idea she’s going to the V-E-T today…

  12. Do rabbits have rabies? Just kind of curious. 😀

  13. Rabbits can get rabies but it’s usually a carnivore disease. Since this is an island, they could keep rabies off by not allowing any dogs, cats, foxes, etc. on the island.

    I do hope someone is spaying and neutering these rabbits. They’re cute, but otherwise the whole island will look like that hungry mob, and it’s inhumane.

  14. bobothefishy says:

    Omg so cute!

  15. Melissa says:

    Bunny poo everywhere! That’s gotta be an issue!

  16. rhea3, I just read that that no other pets are allowed on the island, and they mentioned dogs and cats. I also read that these rabbits are descended from less than 10 that were left on the island by school children, several decades ago. If that’s true, they’re very inbred.

  17. I’ve been to Okunoshima (Rabbit Island) in Japan. There are really that many rabbits.
    It’s a lot of fun and the island itself is quite beautiful as well. Nice day trip from Hiroshima.
    If you want to visit, you can find all the necessary information here: http://zoomingjapan.com/travel/rabbit-island-japan/