Spend Yer Rump Day With Oliver


“I would like to submit my corgi Oliver, for your site. I’ve got lots of photos of his adorable fluffy butt. He is 7 months old now and still QTE as a button! Hopefully he meets at least one of the Rules Of Cuteness. Also, I love Cute Overload, it always brightens my day. Thank you for your amazing site!!” -Mary W.



  1. Oh yes please!

  2. woofiesma says:

    Oliver is a doll, and, yes, he has a nice caboose. My Woofie, wheaten/collie/sheep dog, had the most beautiful fur down the back of her legs and a long swishy tail. She was as pretty goin’ as she was comin’!! I called her Miss RuffleButt.

  3. DillPig says:

    Tock-tabulous!! BTW, can anyone ‘splain rump day to me? I must admit I am abit behind the times….

  4. Rachael says:

    Spectockular!! Oliver is just too adorable for words. His frog legs in the first pic just keel me. 🙂

  5. Smartypants says:

    DillPig, I’d say it’s a play on “Hump Day” (Wednesday, the middle of the work week)…only with pictures of rumps.

    Oscar’s front end is delightful too! 😀

  6. Love the beans!

  7. Mikkoko says:

    Cute little paws and tooshie.