Maximum Baroo

This is Birdie, and as you can see, she knows how to WORK that Baroo. Left, right. Left, right. (And she’ll keep doing this, thanks to the wonders of the animated GIF process!)

Here we have Birdie hanging out while pal Clover chows down on.

animal farm
Birdie isn’t a fan of what’s being served for lunch, though.

birdie (1)
“This is our puppy, Birdie perfecting her baroo! In another picture you can see Clover, our red footed tortoise in a farm scene created by my 4 year old daughter, eating cantaloupe and wondering why that horse shaped fruit isn’t very juicy!” -Natalie W. ​



  1. 6rabbits says:

    Fisher Price farm animals! 🙂 Man, I loved that set as a kid! (Yes, yes, puppeh is very cute, also!)

  2. Birdie is redonkulously cute and has the baroo nailed! Turtle is pretty darn cute, too!

  3. Saffron says:

    Now I want to go home and creat a little tableau with my kittehs.
    Birdie is so cute! Excellent baroo skills.

  4. Wow I was so excited to see this this morning! Birdie is so proud of her cutesplosion debut perfecting her baroo!!! Thanks for posting, Brinke! We love CO!

  5. I knew that Birdie had talent!