“Hey Honey, Did U See The Water Bill This Month?

“I did! I don’t know where all the extra water usage is from. I—wait. Have you seen Munch lately?”

Beth Z.: “This is my cat, Munch. I came home one day from work, was greeted by my 2 Frenchies and sat down to get some puppy kisses. Next thing I know the downstairs toilet flushes. My husband was out of town so I was scared at first, until I saw the cat come walking out of the bathroom. It’s now his favorite thing to do.”



  1. Well maybe this explains the otherwise inexplicable 9x increase in my water bill a couple months ago…

  2. vulfhild says:

    Consider buying one of those small fountains where the water circulates continually, or make your own with a little pump from any hardware store.

  3. OR maybe you can train your cat not to do this!
    I kill myself.

  4. Lock the bathroom door also to keep the cat out.

  5. Clairdelune says:

    That’s one funny cat!!! @Marg, closing the door may not work. Cats are very resourceful, I have lived with cats who learned to open sliding doors, turn the knob of an offending closed door, lift the lid of a large container of dry kitty food, open boxes and bags of snacks … that’s why I love cats! 🙂

  6. Now that’s what you call a busted flush.

  7. Rachael says:

    This was a much needed distraction for me today. You gotta love that cat!! 🙂

  8. He just thinks its really neat to see the water go down. tabbies will take over the world someday!

  9. At least he’s not leaving the seat up.

  10. It’s his own personal water feature!

  11. He didn’t flush to watch the water. He flushed in his first attempt to gaslight his slave. Soon he will up the ante by calling her home phone and she will hear nothing but creepy breathing on the other end. The call is coming from INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!!

  12. And does Munch have a part-time job to pay that water bill?

  13. I agree with @vulfhild – get a kitty water fountain!
    I bought one for my cat just a few weeks ago and it’s already a hit 🙂

  14. Sandi Lee says:

    My water fountain was purchased to try to distract my Stella from wanting to drink from my bathroom faucet; she uses the fountain, but runs to my bathroom when I head back that direction, jumps up on the counter and then waits for a “trickle” so she can drink. We’re in California where water is NOT to be wasted, but it’s usually just at night so I indulge her. So I don’t take a shower for a week or two … at least the cat’s happy. I for one, however, would think the flushing thing was cute once, then measures would be taken. Closing the lid might help since it’s the result of the flush that she’s after.

  15. 😆 Naughty kitty that Munch, Beth Z. 😆