THIS JUST IN: RIP 2 Frostie The Snow Goat

Frostie The Snow Goat has unexpectedly passed away. More details on the Today Show website.

C.O. condolences to the staff at Edgar’s Mission and to all those who loved the little goat who could. From Pam Ahern on the EM FB:

“My heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you for your kind condolences on the passing of dear little Frostie. Your touching words give me great comfort knowing of the joy and inspiration he brought to your life and the profound imprint he has made in the hearts and minds of people everywhere. If our life’s purpose can be measured by those we touch, Frostie did meet this goal admirably and indeed it was only a short time on this earthly coil he needed to do so. I will treasure forever that I was his special someone. ‘Cry not because it is over, smile because it happened.'”




  1. OMG! I am devastated, I can’t even see through the tears…

  2. this is SO ridiculously sad. poor little frostie. glad he got the love and attention he needed while he was here.

  3. Kellygirl says:

    No… heartbroken…

  4. awww RIP Frostie . 😥

  5. How shocking to see this! I was just thinking about Frostie the other day. Oh, so very, very sad. He had so many cheering for him.

  6. How sad 😦 what a sweetheart he was, what a heartbreaking update…
    rest in peace sweet little Frostie – you were loved deeply and had a short yet full life.
    wish you would have made it … life has its own plans for each of us .
    if there is a heaven , you are there , free and safe and jumping around .
    my hugs to you pure, sweet, perfect little creature.
    and a huge thank you to all those amazing and inspiring people who saved and took care of Frostie .
    T H A N K Y O U for bringing back the trust in the human race

  7. Poor sweet Frostie. RIP, little one.

  8. Frostie, you were a beautiful being. I’m so sad.

  9. RIP Frostie. You sure were a sweet little thing.

  10. It’s hard to type through all my tears. I am just devastated. Rest in peace, sweet little soul. ❤

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Pam Ahern, I’m sure you are a “special someone” to all the creatures at Edgar’s Mission. Thank you for loving Frostie and for sharing him with us.

  12. What 260Oakley said, too.

  13. Rhonda B. says:

    Poor sweet little buddy my heart is broken. 😦

  14. This makes me so sad to know. He was a brave little bebbeh.

  15. Norbertsmom says:

    Oh no that sweet little darling was just so full of life 😦
    Blessings to everyone at Edgars Mission – you showed him love and gave him compassion. He touched each one of us in a special way, and we are the better for it. Thank you for loving him. RIP little man you will be missed.

  16. Mikeyfur says:

    Thank you Pam Ahern and thank you CO. Because of you, we were all able to share in Frostie’s life and feel for just a little while that he belonged to each and every one of us. Another beautiful little creature who has gone over the rainbow bridge but is still leaping and bounding in each of our hearts.

  17. Bless his brave little heart.

  18. They must have been short a few goatersons at the Rainbow Bridge. I’m sure my now-passed fur bebehs Tinker, Sam and Millie are forming a guard of honour for Frostie right now,

  19. RIP little one… You will be missed.

  20. rest in peace sweet one knowing full well that you touched the hearts of so very many of us in your short time here on earth. hugs and condolences to ms ahern and the others at edgars mission who worked with frosty and made his time here joyful and full of happy adventures.

  21. Sad news indeed, but I too am happy that Frostie knew so much love in his short life. Condolences to all at Edgar’s Missions, and thank you for all you do.

  22. Ok…now I’m crying.

  23. That little boy will never know the effect he had. I hope he’s forever playing over the rainbow bridge. Thank you Edgar’s Mission for the work you do.

  24. K. Kelly says:

    The light that burns brightest is the first to go out. Shine on in Paradise, Frostie, shine on…

  25. anonymous coward says:

    holy cr*p.
    that was totally unexpected.
    i hope the little guy didn’t suffer too much in the end.

    it’s too bad our furry/feathered assistants can’t tell us when there is a “little something” nagging them,
    we really have to guess for them.

    at least they gave him a short time of happiness and a few friends that will miss him.
    hope frosty’s dancing in the sky right now!

  26. My deepest condolences!!! One love!!!

  27. SAD ;-(

  28. missbianca says:

    Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! 😦

  29. Poor wee man. So sorry to hear he’s gone. Heaven has a special place for this little guy.

  30. Saffron says:

    😦 😦 😦
    Rest in peace, sweet Frostie.
    Sending kind thought and prayers to Edgar’s Mission.

  31. Rest in peace, little fella. 😦 Squee.

  32. Ms Blue says:

    Poor Penguin. He lost a buddy.I’m going with Frosty made the most of this time and was happy and loved. It’s really all anybody can hope for in this life. And now I”m going to cry.

  33. Malinki says:

    I hope you run now all you want, Frosty 😦

  34. Wahhhhhh…! 😦

  35. 6rabbits says:

    😥 Rest in Peace, Frosty. Condolances and {{{hugs}}} to everyone at Edgar’s Mission: Thank you for your dedication to bettering the lives of animals like Frosty.

  36. Oh noooo! This is very sad news. Frostie was such a sweet happy little guy that it makes even that much worse. I am so glad i got to know his story as he was a perfect example of perserverence with a joyful heart in the face of adversity. He will be sorely missed, as are all wonderful beings.

  37. Frostie, sweet and happy little soul, run free with all your pals at the rainbow bridge! To those at Edgar’s mission who cared for this baby, condolences and thanks.

  38. Oh what a terrible shock. I was fully expecting him to be walking on those little legs in the near future and now this awful, heartbreaking news. Thoughts are with the lovely folks at Edgar’s Mission, what a gorgeous little sweetheart he was. We thank you for sharing him with us x

  39. WTF? He was getting better.

  40. :”(

  41. For some years I studied movement disorders, and in part through Frostie, I saw that the movement disorder community includes vets, and people such as Pam Ahern and her colleagues–it included Frostie, and animals like him. That broadening of my community is something I’m thankful for. Thanks CO, Edgar’s Mission, and everyone involved in Frostie’s care. I don’t know much about the Rainbow Bridge and the guard of honor that Vanessa spoke of, but in life, I was quite moved by the guard that stood by him, and know that he had the finest.

  42. I’ve been following Frostie and been in love since the very beginning. I found out about his passing about 2 hrs ago and I am still crying. I just can’t believe it. I mean really sobbing. So shocking, so unfair.

  43. kuruczrita says:

    sleep with angels dear little goat 😦

  44. Sweet little cherub.

  45. Mingles' Mommy says:

    RIP, love. You had a short life, but a good one.

  46. yulyndi says:

    dear Frostie was such an inspiration in his short life, sorry he is gone, but his spirit lives on in all of us who were touched by him

  47. damnit! that stinks!!! i’m trying not to cry.

  48. Jayne Adrian says:

    Thankyou for giving Frostie the love and care he so deserved. I am devastated loved this little dude and his strength and determination its just heartbreaking can’t stop crying RIP Frostie love and hugs always xx

  49. Franci Zalon says:

    Snuffling……at work. Don’t cry!!! So sad.. 😦

  50. Melissa Miracle says:

    this is such a beautiful and tragic story…
    definitely, when i get a pet, i will name him or her Frostie, for the memory of this white cute sunshine, who hopped for so little…

  51. daisycam says:

    I’m sending a donation to Edgar’s Mission in memory of Frostie the Snow Goat. He really touched my heart.

  52. frostie although a goat was an inspiration to us all…cute and touched our heart I will never forget frostie…he triumphed with determination to walk…rip…you are now the lords little sheep…its really sad, but yes I cried…sigh