♫ Way Up North (North To Alaska) ♫

Got a terrific email from Karen K., who just returned from a trip to the Great White North. (Well, technically that’s Canada, but AK’s got a lotta snow and stuff, so it works, right?) Anyway, here come her photos and comments in the hovers. (+ oldie but goodie by Johnny Horton:)


photo 5


photo 3



photo 2





  1. sabrina rose says:

    Gorgeous and fascinating pictures! So thankful there are wild places left for their original inhabitants.

  2. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    Looks like the reindeer are resting up for next Christmas. Very impressive antlers!

  3. Smartypants says:

    Terrific pix! I love the moose. Also the bear on the rocks – the background texture is cool.

  4. Can you imagine balancing those antlers (the reindeer) on top of your head all day long? Ooof. And they drop and regrow them once a year – they gotta grow pretty fast!

  5. I love pictures of planking seals and sea lions.