They’re BAAAAA-ck (Geddit?)

Those turbo-charged maniac hoofsters over at Sunflower Farm in the Great State O’ Maine know a bunch of great hay bales when they see ’em.

It’s a Bebeh Goat Flood!!



  1. Jendeyan says:

    I can NOT get enough of those bebeh goats!

  2. I want to run with them!!!

  3. I kept seeing parkour and skateboarding type flair kicks and couldn’t stop squeeing. Goatlets go, go, go!

  4. Jimbeaux says:

    So happy! So sproingy!

  5. 4leafclover says:

    It’s the Steeplechase event at the baby goat Olympics!!

  6. Still can’t figure out why I don’t live at Sunflower Farm

  7. They’re overflowing the levees! How cute a flood is that!