Hark! What Evil Lurks Beneath The Door?

These maniacs are about to find OUT.



  1. OMG, I am laughing SO hard!!! This is SO funny!

  2. I squee’d.

  3. jlamusings says:

    hahaha! At the end- I have one that pulls stuff under the door too! I’ll find throw rugs and clothing on the other side of the house after having them behind a closed door. 🙂

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    One time I was about to get in the shower and I noticed a paw reaching under the door trying to steal my underwear. I played with the paw a bit, until he hooked a claw into the flesh of my pinky finger, at which point the game became “tug-o’-finger” and he was playing for keeps. I managed to get the claw loose and the cat proceeded to track my blood down the hallway of my roommate’s house.

    Later that day the same cat stole my comb and hid it in my roommate’s purse.

    Cats are jerks.

  5. I needed a laugh today and this did the trick! @blue footed booby; I concur! Cats can be jerks but I love them inspite of it (or maybe because of it)! 🙂

  6. Sharon Wilson says:

    You just have to stick your finger into the fur between the toebeans if you can manage it!

  7. Cats are awesome, contrary to recent popular belief at CO.

  8. 😆 Kitties at play 😆