ResQte Of The Week (Bonus Weekend Edition:) Lita -N- Lata

“I am writing behalf of Lita and Lata, two sweet chihuahua mix girls. They ended up in the shelter two years ago after their whole family was tragically killed in a car accident, and no one in the extended family was able or willing to take them in. They were terrified and shy in the shelter, so my friend Kelly from Puggles & Pitties stepped up and swooped them to safety. While several people showed interest, stars never aligned and they are still looking for a home! They have to be adopted together, and I was hoping you would be able to share their story in a ResQte post? Potential adopters would need to be in SoCal but not necessarily in San Diego itself.” -Virginie R.

Interested in adopting? They’re at an adoption event today held by The Mutt Scouts at Burbank Pet Plaza in Burbank, CA., from 11am to 3pm (PT, of course.)

[U can send an email for deets, and here’s the website and FB. -Ed.]




  1. Jendeyan says:

    I hope these cuties find a home and a happy ending after losing their loving family.

  2. Paws crossed! 🙂

  3. sabrina rose says:

    Poor anxious little pups – they deserve a wonderful home together. Hope the right hoomin finds them!

  4. Rachael says:

    They’ve lost everything except each other, poor babies. I’ll say a little prayer that they find their new home soon.