Larry Gets Buffaloed

“Are you gonna let that ram over there blow his own horn like he owns the place? Who does that conch-head think he is?”

“Yeah! I dare ya to challenge that petting-zoo inmate to a head-butting contest! That’ll show him!”




  1. Squee liddew bebeh!

  2. Behbeh fuffalo!

  3. I have never seen a three-headed, 7 legged buffalo!

  4. buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

    that’s not supposed to mean anything. just how can you not feel better saying buffalo buffalo buffalo until your twonge getsth theid?

  5. sabrina rose says:

    Watch out, Larry! This is a NomTom set-up! It’s just as well you don’t appear to have any ears.

  6. Aw Shucks says:

    Aww, so much love in the close-knit group of buffalo : – ). I love how the adult buffalo on the right looks like s/he is about to give the baby a little kiss or an affectionate nose rub.

  7. Mikeyfur says:

    That is one well protected baby.

  8. Waiting for the bebeh to come roaming into my yard.

  9. Question, are those buffalo or are they wood bison? They look like the latter to me.

  10. sleekityin says:

    Bebeh Bison Buttie!

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:


    Joke’s on you: it DOES mean something.

  12. “Conch-head” – Snerk!