How ‘Bout Some Grass, Man?

“Kittycat was once a stray kitten. He was very shy at first, but is now one happy and playful little cat who enjoys our company (and belly rubs.) This was his first intro to cat grass (the indoor grown type, that is.)” -Ingrid G.






  1. orcgirl says:

    Aw! I love the approach of “1 piece at a time”. I couldn’t grow kitty grass in the house – my cats like to lay in it more than eat it, so of course the grass died.

  2. Saffron says:

    nom nom nom

  3. No pictures, but I thought you guys might appreciate what happened to me just now: When I got up this morning, I found that either my cat or some of the kittens I’m fostering had taken my purse from the table and scattered the contents. I shoved everything back into the bag and went to get some tea from Starbucks.

    I got through the drive-through line, dug into my purse, and realized something important was missing. It was then that I had to utter a sentence I hope I never have to say to a cashier again: ‘I’m so sorry, I think my cat took my credit card.’

    Fortunately, the people at this Starbucks see me all the time, so they gave me the tea anyway and said I could go find the card and bring it back. Mortified anyway, I raced home and sure enough, the card was under the coffee table on the other side of the room from where I’d found my purse.

    I finally paid for my tea and thanked them profusely for actually believing me, and they were all really good-natured about it and said ‘Cats will be cats.’

  4. Rhonda B. says:

    @ Zeki thanks for sharing your story- that’s hilarious! I recently lost my favorite book mark and I think my cat Lexi knows where it is. 🙂

  5. @Zeki, all’s well that ends well. @orcgirl, one of my babies uproots said cat grass. The number of times I say, “Cats, OMG–what won’t they do next?” can beggar belief.

  6. Saffron says:

    @Zeki, this might help explain what the kittehs were up to….

    (not sure why thae last minute of the audio is gone 😦 )

  7. Mikeyfur says:

    Saffron…don’t fret over that last minute of the audio. I’m a big Steve Martin fan, but I’d never heard this before, and it was so cute and funny! Thanks!

  8. Totally Jersey says:

    I am calling that a Ba-NOM. (Combination Baroo and NOM.)

  9. Funny story, Zeki you’re lucky you didn’t find a kitten in your purse. Can’t trust those kids with your cards.
    I think we need to invent some side-ways growing grass.

  10. dgerish says:

    @saffron, my dad and I gphave giggled over that Steve Martin bit for at least 25 years! It’s still hilarious,

  11. weaselwardancer says:

    Plant a handful of wild bird seed. There’s even catnip seed in that mix!

  12. Aw shucks says:

    Based on the pictures, I imagine Kittycat was thinking, “hmm, now how do I eat this grass? Lets see…there’s the little tip to nom…no, that doesn’t work…I know…I’ll sidenom it. Ta da!”

  13. AWW 😀 Kittycat is one very handsome boy kitty 😀