Flashback Friday: My, What A Big Lens U Have!

Quoting About.com: “An Korean puppy holds his ground in an “eye to eye” encounter with a huge Fifth Air Force aerial camera, one of the “Eyes of the Far East Air Forces.” The camera is an Air Force K-19B used by night-flying RB-26 aircraft of the 67th Tactical Reconnaissance Wing to photograph enemy airfields, railroad marshalling yards, bridges, supply dumps and troop movements. (Circa June 1951.)




  1. His Master’s Video?

  2. I’m guessing a shiba inu?

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    That’s a biiiig camera!

  4. keymusic says:

    It’s most likely a Jindo (a Korean breed).


  5. Very camera. Much big. Such fluffy. Wow.