ResQte Of The Week: Ryan Gosling Meets Hemingway The Goat

People, take a few minutes to read the story of how Ryan the Gosling (get it?) and Hemingway the Goatster met at the Farm Sanctuary in Orland, CA.





  1. i just assumed they found each other on bleenr…

  2. @blair – the Theoster will be comin’ for ya 😮

  3. Glad I followed the link, what a touching, wonderful story. Always nice to hear of happy endings and be reminded of the good people out there!

  4. @blair–tee hee (or Theoheo).

    I have bought wool from a sheep who had a special goose friend. His shepherdess told me that each year, the goose chose a sheepmate from the flock and watched over the sheep while it ate. She sent me an adorable picture of the sheep eatiing hay while the goose hovered nearby. Ain’t animulz fun?

  5. The story of how they came to be friends has me all teary eyed. If you’re in the mood for a happy ending, read it… and weep. 😆