ResQte Of The Week 3.0

“These adorable kittehs were rescued from a terrible fate (won’t go into it here, the important thing is they were rescued!) They were taken to Save the Animals Foundation in Cincinnati, and are currently in a foster home. Names are Captain (the only boy,) Skipper, Catalina, Marina, and Sailor.” -Cathy B.



  1. can they drive to Wisconsin?

  2. Malinki says:

    There are networks that volunteer transportation in such cases, so might be worth looking into.

  3. the only thing better than a torti is a long haired torti!

  4. They are precious! I love the expression on little orangie’s face!

  5. Here’s how to contact them- I used to go to school and live not 5 minutes from here!

  6. Skyline Chili tag!! I ate there just yesterday for lunch =) Also, Save the Animals Foundation is awesome!

  7. Clairdelune says:

    Oh my, a basketful of wonderful!! If only I could, I would gladly take them all. I hope they all find a loving home. That little marmie just stole my heart….

  8. doomchild says:

    Oh what wouldn’t I do to be able to smoosh my face in the middle of the pile and snorf, snorf, snorf like Charlie Sheen 😀

  9. Sandi Lee says:

    Thank you for (1) sparing us the gruesome details, and (2) for sharing the happy intervention that facilitated their arrival at a shelter where I am CONFIDENT they will all find loving forever homes. How anyone could even BEGIN to think of anything other than snorgles and kisses for these nummy kitties is beyond my comprehension.

  10. AWW 😀 I hope that Captain (the only boy,) Skipper, Catalina, Marina, and Sailor all find their loving forever homes, Cathy B. 😀