The REAL World Cup Pup

Gotta be Pug Puppehs vs. Bichon Frises, right? None of this “country” stuff!

The Pet Collective via T.O.



  1. I blame Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl for this. And thank them too.

  2. Rhonda B. says:

    The world pup is way better than the world cup to me! This video is way too cute——— thud!

  3. I always thought it was pronounced “free sa” (long a) Actually when I first saw the name in college on a bumper sticker, I thought it was pronounced “Bichun Frisees”. Texas. What can I say?

  4. There is seriously nothing cuter than a pug puppy. They come out adorable! Some puppies take a week or two to look cute. Not the pug. Baked potatoes with legs!

  5. memyselfandi says:

    It IS pronounced “free-zay”, the vid has it wrong.