New C.O. Downloads!

Check it out! It’s been years months days hours in the making! See that link at the top right? We’ve got Cute for yer ‘Puter! C.O. Wallpapers (there will be a new one every month)…Avatars for your C.O. Commenting Needs…and C.O. themes for your Google Chrome browser. We’ve got MORE New Stuff coming shortly, too! (Scurries back to C.O. top-secret lab in the sub-basement at Lawrence Livermore.)


clipboard01 (1)



  1. definitely adorable 😉

  2. 6rabbits says:

    I don’t suppose that the “more new stuff” could include bringing back the REPLY button so we could actually have conversations with each other about teh qte (that’s what made CO a _real_ community).

  3. WooHoo! ::pumps fist:: QT 4 mah ‘puter.