Breakfast Noms

10351150_711567928899838_2996185799298674748_n(These three guys are in Total Nomming Mode™, so let’s just be vewwy vewwy quiet.)

From Saving Grace Rescue’s FB.


  1. They all look so edible! From left: a carrot kitty, a marble cake kitty and a marshmallow kitty! Nom indeed!😀

  2. Rhonda B. says:

    Well, aren’t they puuurrrfect!

  3. FUZZ! STUBBULAR TAIL! It is too much . . . [klunk]

  4. MMMMMM…. Strawberry, Chocolate, Vanilla.. A neopolitan feast.
    Nommm nom nom nom nom nom nom

  5. Marshmallow kitteh apparently eats much faster than the others…

  6. Saffron says:

    Yep, when it comes to nomming, I need to pop those kittayns in my mouf right now,

  7. Athos' Slave says:

    @ Berg – I was hoping that he just hadn’t received his noms yet. And @ Saffron… right there with you.

  8. AWW😀 I so want to cuddle all three dear sweet little kitties😀

  9. They look like Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz!

  10. Amy, you are absolutely right! Great nod to the Aristocats! Totally my fave cartoon movie!


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