♫ “Just A Spoonful Of Sugar….” ♫

“Me and my housemate saved a bee from drowning and gave it some sugar water so that it could fly away,” says Imgur submitter “Pixieal.”



  1. Aw, you are very kind people to help a small creature! Hope the little guy was okay!

  2. I’m a king baby, buzzing all night long…

  3. Emmberrann says:

    If it’s a worker bee, you know it’s female. So it would be lil’ gal….

  4. 260Oakley says:

    As seen on Buzz Feed

  5. Saffron says:

    What a wonderful resqte story. It is good to know there are such kind hoomins out there. ❤

  6. Lisa Shalet says:

    Thank you kind hoomins.

  7. Sandi Lee says:

    Nice resQte of this little bee, and good thinking on the sugar water for a little burst of energy. (BTW: Grammar Police here … it’s “My housemate and I …”, you always put the other person/people first.

  8. stefanie says:

    I have done the same many times Sinne times feeling a bit silly therefor it’s always nice to hear about like minded folks! : )

  9. thank you for showing this, Meg 🙂 .. it is ALWAYS right to save a life, no matter which form it has. And thank you, Sandi Lee for pointing out that politeness never gets out of fashion :)) .. but the one thing no-one seems to have caught is .. well, it’s not a bee we are seeing here but a bumble-bee. Quite different from the honey-sucking kind, they have a very plush back and are bigger and have that unmistakeable yellow stripe across their back. In Scotland you will find a variety of this bumble-bee which is huge and makes quite some noise when approaching you that I dubbed it Air Scotland 🙂