This One Is 4 U, Pop!

[Honest! If you take me to the Dairy Queen, I will let you buy me a ‘nilla cone! Is that a deal?]




  1. but it’s steak-and-a-belly-rub day…

  2. My dad was always an easy touch for stopping for ice cream cuz he wanted some himself! 🙂

  3. That sound like a line I used to give my dad: “how would you like the distinct honor and privilege of buying me dinne?”

    Granted, neither of us were nearly this cute, but still…

  4. Dinner…really I can spell!

  5. I’ll take the pupster and daddy too. Too cute!

  6. Jimbeaux says:

    First fathers’ day without a dad, and he was never the ‘stop for ice cream’ type, but these guys make me very happy!