G’Nite, Internets

[It’s been a fun week, time to shut ‘er down and we’ll have more QTE for ya Monday but before you go CAN SOMEONE GIMME A LITTLE HELP HERE?]




  1. help.

  2. Love the “ah crap” look of the cat. LOL.

  3. Haha! Someone’s stuck!

  4. elaineziman says:

    Huh. I get that same expression when someone tries to cuddle.

  5. Pretty sure this is how my cat looks most of the time I pick him up. My hubby always gives him an unsympathetic look and says, “Sorry, dude. That’s the price you pay for getting to live here.” The rent is hell but the amenities seem to keep him happy.

  6. 😆 The dear sweet kitty looks like he/she needs to use the litter box and his/her mom is holding him/her tight 😆