Today Ees National Pepé Le Pew Day!

[Besides being “Caturday” of course, it’s also Flag Day AND…..National Skunk Day. -Ed.]

“Orphaned baby Skunklets at Coast & Canyon Wildlife Rehabilitation in Malibu, CA. Skunklets is not the proper name for baby skunks. But it sure as hell should be.” -KB. P.S. Check out the Oreo Von Stinkersworth FB page here.



  1. Victoria, Mom to 4 Rats (and Two Orange Kittehs) says:

    OMG. So cute, I can’t stand it. Skunks are among the most adorable critters on the planet. ❤

  2. “Flirt.” LOL Pepe’ is magnificent!

  3. Awww, Ithink Kits is a cute name for little skunks.

  4. Aw shucks says:

    The lovely fluffy tail and the tiny pink nose have won me over.

  5. 😆 I always LOVE watching Pepe Le Pew cartoons 😀

  6. Such cute little stinkers! 🙂

  7. I would love to have this Pepe following me. So adorbs. We sometimes have skunks hide in my bushes in front of the house, but I don’t recall them being this cute.

  8. You realize what Pepe Le Pew was really trying to do to that cat, right?

  9. Sharon Wilson says:

    Skunkeh Halloween cat pose at about 1:00 in the middle video!