Well, Somebody’s Not a Team Player

Translation: “Every day it’s the same blah-blah-blah from you losers back there! Well, listen up — everybody knows I’m carrying this chicken outfit, so put a sock in it!”

“We met this dog on a Spotify employee trip to Kiruna, Sweden,” says YouTuber Wells Johnson.



  1. That poor dog probably doesn’t like being tied up in the snow. What are those assh0les doing with these dogs?

  2. I agree with Blah. That doesn’t look like a happy dog.

  3. I assumed they were sled dogs bored with just standing around… I do agree that they don’t look happy, but I suspect it’s because they want to get the show on the road.

  4. Purplepatch says:

    LOL. I’m still chuckling. I assume these are sled dogs bred for purpose. All the footage I have seen of sledding is like this. They want to get going.

  5. Blah: Maybe you should stop and think for a second – or educate yourself if the visual clues aren’t enough: the dogs are paired up, on snow, wearing harnesses, and there are more dogs in front of AND and behind them, hmmm, what could it mean… – before you call people “assh0les”? (I mean, really??). They’re sled dogs, they love nothing better than to run.

  6. Birdcage says:

    Sled doggie says, “Enough of the talking, let’s GO!”

  7. Rhonda B. says:

    You just have to speak “Dog”. This adorable dog said it is ready to run in the snow and then relax by the fire with some kibble.

  8. Matthew Clowry says:

    I WANT MY MAMA…!!!

  9. Emmberrann says:

    Rhonda, do you think you have to speak Swedish Dog to this guy? I wonder…

  10. Jenny Islander says:

    Judging by their appearance, they are true huskies, that is, bred for performance not just to a visual breed standard. Huskies love to run. They love to run while pulling sleds, they love to run while pulling carts, they love to run after balls over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and when you’re exhausted they will pursue you with the ball and attempt to shove it into your hand because they’re not done yet where you goin’ hey wait, and if you put a giant hamster wheel where they can get at it they will run on that too. This dog is going, “Quit the nonsense with the camera already and let’s GOOOOOOOOO.”

    Huskies will keep right on going if the musher falls off. He’s just there to make lunch and look after their owies, and if he can’t keep up that’s his problem. Running = life.

  11. mplsdeb says:

    Jenny Islander….well said!!