Defining “Prosh”

PROSH [prosh] adjective

1. Derivative of the world PRECIOUS. Thought to be created by cute animal website “Cute Overload.”
2. Usage example: “That Bun is Prosh.”
3. See “Cute Overload Glossary.”
4. Click button below to hear correct pronunciation.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3
“My daughter Madison’s new 4 week old bunneh…Buttercup!” -Marlena C.



  1. Laieanna says:

    This is killing me so bad; all I can do is swear.

  2. Good God!!!! *ded*

  3. And here I always thought posh + precious = prosh.

  4. “Prosh”= stolen soul and then running around in circles for the rest of the day trying to function.

  5. 6rabbits says:

    @ Circe: I thought that’s how Meg came up with “prosh” also!
    I hope that 4 wk old baby is still with his mama! Way too young to be on its own!
    Having said that…I am now ded from the proshness! *thunk*

  6. Saffron says:

    ;lagjeroeahge;.. DED

  7. Jimbeaux says:

    Oh Mah Gawd! He’s waving to us in the last picture! WAVING!
    *waves back* Hi bunny!

  8. OllieFee says:

    Want. Those. Feet.

  9. Rhonda B. says:

    @ Marlena- excellent name for that adorable little baby doll.