Apollo, We Do NOT Have Lift Off

More like “We Have Shut Down.”

Apollo the English bulldog…from Laughing Squid.



  1. I luff his wuffly cheeks…honk shuuuuuuuuuh!

  2. I cannot decide which is funnier, the sound or the cheek flaps!

  3. If a human snored like this it would drive me nuts but from Apollo I find it adorable! 🙂

  4. Rachael says:

    I agree with Amyliz. If I had a husband who snored like that it would end in divorce or possibly m*rder. But then again, I doubt I’d find a husband as adorable as Apollo. 🙂

  5. Apollo is a hilarious name for a bulldog.

  6. Don’t you dare laugh peoples! He can’t help it! (Although I must say I did chortle myself. But just a leetle bit.) Bless his tired leetle soul.

  7. Vanessa, We laugh with luvs.

  8. How can you resist not tickling his tongue or wibbling those adorable cheeks?!

  9. Luvpawz says:

    OMG – You can’t make this stuff up! Love the jowls!!!!!

  10. mplsdeb says:

    I thought this only happened in cartoons. Absolutely adorable.