[It’s come down to Me or The Ball. And it ain’t gonna be ME! Come ON, then. WHO wants a WHUPPIN’?]

From Lisa J. by way of Love Meow



  1. That was just incredibly cute. You go, little guy! Tell that ball you’re not going to take it anymore.

  2. this must be the tiniest active kitty ever.

  3. Honey…the kitten is on the frintz again!

  4. yulyndi says:

    watch out! this kitteh has a fierce!

  5. prinsas says:

    methinks he is imitating the rolly-poley ball, alternating with the side-presentation to scare it. for cryin’ out loud, someone pick up the ball and toss it so the kitteh may attack!

  6. They just kill me when they do that “Halloween Cat” side-ways posturing!

  7. AWW 😆 That dear sweet little kitty is trying to act like a bigger kitty 😆

  8. Such a brave, fuzzy kitty! He’s going to go far, I can tell.

  9. Obviously, the ball started it.. as it was fuzzy first!!!

  10. Ha ha ha…on the fritz… Lol

  11. sleekityin says:

    Kitteh’s in a catnip trance – the ball doesn’t stand a chance.

  12. fuzzy kitten crab alert

  13. That wasn’t embarrassing at all.

  14. Donna, that was my thought exactly! That little kitty was Halloween-cattin’ all over the place! Cracked me up when he did the somersaults, too!