High Five!

The winner of this year’s 10K Tinman Endurance BMX Race was greeted by a cheering crowd, fireworks, confetti cannons, a marching band, a congratulatory kiss from 2014 Miss Slippery Slope Saddle Soap, and of course the $5,000 prize.

The next morning, the last-place finisher arrived to a somewhat more subdued reaction…




  1. “2014 Miss Slippery Slope Saddle Soap”. Ha! Where do you get it from, NOMTOM?

  2. Too funny!

  3. I think that may qualify as a high ten, since the kitteh gives five twice. Very cute!


  5. Rhonda B. says:

    I would much rather be the guy who came in last. He gets to high five the cute tuxedo cat!

  6. AWW 😀 I just LOVE the dear sweet tuxedo kitty giving high fives out 😀

  7. Certainly not least.

  8. Raymond says:

    Brilliant storyline, NTMTOM.

  9. That is so full of win.