When Kittehs Attack!!!

(Another sequel of sorts to the When Bebeh Goats Stampede!!! post. There’s a sound icon top left, and click the video to make it stop.)

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  1. Animuhl Fanatic says:

    Best. Friends. Forever.

  2. oh it’s so hard to watch this. That kitten is in huge danger, more so than the baby! It’s way too easy to injure a baby kitten and they have no fear at all. The baby might be scratched, maybe, but the kitten could get squashed to death, no fault of the baby, the baby has no idea about it. I’m sorry, I know this is supposed to be cute but its kind of horrifying if you’re into kitten fostering….

  3. The Original Jane says:

    @Anne – I did notice something that you can see (very, very briefly) when the baby is on his back and the kitty is on top of him. When it pans down to the baby’s diaper area there is an adult hand holding onto the babies hands so he can’t move them. It’s so fast before it cuts to the next scene I had to watch it several times. My first reaction was concern that the adult was confining the baby and the kitty could scratch him. But the baby doesn’t seem to care that he’s restricted and I realized the parent is doing it to protect the kitten. Seems the parent is trying to be careful. 🙂

  4. vulfhild says:

    I love kittens, but would never allow one to get that close to my child’s face. It looks like the baby’s nose is getting bitten.

  5. ITA with you Anne.

  6. victoreia says:

    So teeeeny! Bebeh kitteh kilt me ded!

  7. Moonstar says:

    Yeah, the toddler’s nose is getting nommed on, but a kitten’s teeth at that age have less scratching/piercing potential than the carpet the kid’s rolling on. The kid is more likely to get a rug burn from playing rough on it than getting any injury from barely there kitten teeth. Claws, you do have to be a bit more careful about, but it seems like the parent knows how these 2 play, and knows the kitten doesn’t/won’t use claws. I’m sure once the kitten gets older the parents will make sure he doesn’t use teeth/claws when playing with the still tin one. 🙂 Just my 2 cents.

  8. phoenix says:

    The kitten is almost between the baby’s legs at one time, and the baby is up alone and crawling with the kitten around them. If that kid flopped down, that kitten could be seriously hurt.

    This video is sad to me. Kitten teeth aren’t razors, but kids skin is easily hurt. Kitten claws, though, are nasty. Kid could get hurt, or at least learn that cats are mean, kitten could get hurt, and for what? A stupid Vine.

  9. I’m not a big fan of baby cat and baby human interactions. The potential for something bad is great. Having said that, these two little ones are obviously enjoying themselves.

  10. Oh, I hope the adult filming this is keeping a good eye on both the dear sweet little kitty and the baby 🙂