Oh, So U Want A Desert Rain Frog Ring Tone, Eh?

[This one is an Encore Presentaysh from early 2013. However, Cuteporter Amanda V. wrote in and insisted we do the right thing and run it again. And so we shall. Guaranteed to start the work week off on the right note. -Ed.]

“I have been in love with Mr. Blorpy the Cape Rain Frog since you guys posted him back in 2009, but I had NO IDEA that there were other flavors of Rain Frogs until yesterday when a friend sent me this video of a DESERT Rain Frog and my head positively exploded. The Blorp and Squee are unbounded. Do what is right and share this with the world.”

You got it!

As a new bonus, we’ve also included a handy ringtone for your phone. Click it to preview, or right click on this link to save (or control-click for Mac).

(Oh, you’d like a FIVE MINUTE LOOP of this? Sure, sure.)



  1. Alien? Muppet? It could be both!

  2. Xinixter says:

    When I play this my dogs come running. They insist it sounds like a puppie in distress. Very concerned.

  3. prinsas says:

    new baby kitten [mews] x’d with beach waterballoon + jumping beans. isn’t “desert frog” oxymoron-ish?

  4. Sophia G says:

    Just like a squeak toy!

  5. JenDeyan says:

    Who keeps letting the air out of that balloon?

  6. Starfish says:

    Yeooww! Little guy needs an earbud warning sticker in his vicinity.