A Box? Really?

That’s the best you can do? It’s bad enough I have to put up with roommates, but this place is so… drab! Can’t we get some throw cushions in here? Maybe some nice curtains? That too much to ask?


Christine F. says: “This is Pikichu, a jumbo Pekin hatched in my life science classroom.”



  1. 260Oakley says:

    Oh look, my order of Peeking Duck has arrived. It’s a little saucy.

  2. Maru would be happy to show you a million things you can do with a box. The possibilities are endless!

  3. ratchic says:

    @donna. Maru reference is always a plus! Ducks are so cool!

  4. JenDeyan says:

    @Oakley Priceless! And I agree. They are a bit saucy.

  5. @Oakley- “Peeking” duck. Dang, woman, you are incredible.