Wanna See Some Bunz? (Updated With Video!)

Tiny Bunz got displaced
And needed a place to stay
Lynne and her family took them in
And ended up saving the day!



“Our neighbor’s dogs dug up a cottontail’s nest in their backyard and the neighbors asked us to take them in since we have Buns of our own. So we have taken them in and are caring for them until they get big enough to let go. We thought you’d like to see a few pics of them as they are the cutest things in the universe.” – Lynne H., Colorado.



  1. Seileigh says:

    Chocklit bun-bons!

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Love the molar-powered grass trimmers in the video.

  3. Question. Was there some kind of change in regime at CO? Where’s NTMTOM? Whence the manga look?

  4. Tzarinac says:

    Very cute! But Mama Bun is probably looking for her babies. Moms leave them alone for quite long periods of the day and will return periodically to check on them. They won’t come around if people are hovering around the nest, though. If you move the babies to a safe spot away from the dog, (I usually take a fistful of fluff from the nest and drag it along the ground to where I put them when our neighbor’s dog digs up their nests), she will find them, move them to a new hiding spot, and care for them. That old saw about mother animals not caring for their babies if people touch them is not accurate; the drive to protect their young is too strong for that. Not sure if she will return four days later, though.

  5. Lynne Hyde says:

    We wanted to leave them in the nest but there was no way to keep the dogs away and the neighbors were afraid they would accidentally hurt or kill the little bunnies before the mama came back for them. I do feel bad for Mama bun, but we have seen her often since then in our yard. We think she is working on a new nest site under one of our bushes which makes us very happy! We do not have dogs and the nest would be safe there. 🙂

  6. nicksmom says:

    Good luck. When I was a teenager, a neighbor’s dog killed a mother rabbit and I ended up with the babies. Their eyes weren’t even open yet. I bottle fed them and they seemed to thrive, opened their eyes, played and hopped around the house….then one by one, died. I was told at the time that raising wild baby bunnies is difficult. Hope you have better luck than I did.

  7. Rachael says:

    Kudos to Lynn for coming to the rescue! At least now these bunlets have a chance to grow up and return to the wild. I love Lynn’s sweet voice best of all – you can tell what a caring person she is.

  8. Love all the teeny nom-nom-noming actiion!

  9. phoenix says:

    Couldn’t the neighbors have kept their dogs in the garage or something for just the one day? At least the neighbors came to you, these bunnies are lucky to find a loving caregiver after an unfortunate circumstance. Best of luck, surrogate mama!