THIS JUST IN: Maru & Hana Go Camping

The Dynamic Duo love their new light blue tent!


Commenter Sowmya D. is goin’ on and on about Maru’s cow. You mean, THIS cow?




  1. They’re having so much fun :3

  2. Smartypants says:

    She has really brought out his inner kitten!

  3. Wow, Maru is actually SHARING THE TENT. o-O

  4. The ending! Awww.

  5. phred's mom says:

    The best yet. Love the
    imperturbable bovine in
    the background too.

  6. This made my day!

  7. Oh – just ordered my cat tent from Amazon. What a cool idea. Thank you Cute Overload for sharing the video with us!

  8. edmundh says:

    That butt wiggle before the pounce at 0:45 !

  9. Blanche says:

    LOVE 🙂

  10. I’m surprised said light blue tent survived that considerable onslaught. What’s it made of? Kevlar?

  11. tracyg36 says:

    Aww! He loves his baby sis! This video is fantabulous and as to the question about the blue tent’s material, I have a couple of cubes similar to it joined in a tunnel. My boys LOVE IT! And it’s only now starting to show signs of wear and tear (if you look closely, you’ll see the claw marks) after about a year straight of daily use.

  12. Rachael says:

    It was cute and funny until the end… and then it became incredibly sweet. I just love those two. They are so perfectly suited to each other. Always such a joy to see their antics. 🙂

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    If they were mine I’d watch them play all day long. I honestly don’t know how their owner finds the time to keep the house antiseptically spotless.

  14. jlamusings says:

    I lurve these kittehs so much… aww! And too have the blue cubes. They do hold up pretty well. I had a set for years before the weight of my portliest kitteh just laying on top of them finally started to bend the wires (or whatever it is) that help hold shape. 🙂 And tracyg36, mine have a quite a few chew/claw marks too! It’s big excitement around here when I move them onto a bed or couch when I need to vacuum- new place! They must all climb in immediately!

  15. 2L10-2:17!!!! With Maru e-a-s-i-n-g out when ear, then one eye, then popping out, and at the last split second you see his ears flatten. I’m so glad he and Hana get along and play together. Maru deserves every possible bit of happiness!

  16. crashnandicoot says:

    Sales in light blue cat tents mysteriously surge!

  17. Oooohhh! This is simply the best of cuteness! I am so thrilled to see how close they have become! I simply adore Maru and am so glad little Hana has become such a good friend.

  18. AWW 😀 Maru and Hana look like they are having so much fun playing in that light blue cat tent and look like they are going to go to sleep in it 😀

  19. Sowmya Dakshinamurti says:

    The cow… the cow… Now I CAN’T UNSEE IT! Spotless house + strange cow + bizarre antics = portal into alternate dimension of QTE…