Saturday In The Park

So you’re a Lil’ Wiener Dog. It’s Saturday afternoon. Why not head off to the park for a little Nose Boop Balloon Action?

From DP&F. Headline by Chicago.


  1. Wieners!!!!!!!!!! The timing, the technique, the flopping…. I am ded.

  2. prinsas says:

    i think this has to be close to dachsy-doggy heaven as there is . . .

  3. That guy needs to go on the Cute Hunks calendar

  4. Happy happy joy joy! I love to see dogs having fun!

  5. I woz thinking, “don’t go near the road puppeh” and then it popped. What lovely lush grass. That was something else I thought. “Half-naked cute man of CO”, you say. Sorry- must have missed it.

  6. crashnandicoot says:

    Six Pack.

  7. Ellen W. says:

    I had no idea they could jump so high!

  8. Am I the only one who jumped when the balloon popped?

  9. mplsdeb says:

    Love it!! I have two dachsies…Lucy &Ricky. There wouldn’t have been any booping…Lucy would have waited for it to land and then POP! That was some great jumping.


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