[I sit here, and I sit here, and I sit, sit, sit, sit, SIT! How HARD is it to run an on-time BUS SERVICE? I haz depressed.]


From Sad & Useless.

*Inside SF reference.


  1. Saffron says:

    Looks like kitteh is waiting for that foxy calico from next door to walk by so he can casually go “Hey bebeh”. All he needs is to be wearing a gold medallion and have a Zima in his paws…..

  2. The Catfish Express would be quicker than Muni!🙂

  3. Clairdelune says:

    Maybe Mr. Porky – sorry, I meant to write Mr. Portly – SHOULD be walking there… 😀

  4. MymaJane says:

    I agree with the plump kitty. I’m sick of MUNI too!

  5. @clairedelune…I was thinking the same thing! Mr. Kitty is handsome but a bit, um, rubenesque! A little exercise couldn’t hurt!🙂

  6. 😆 Better start walking, kitty😆

  7. “I believe in miracles. Where you from, you sexy thing?”